Download YahooFinance API 0.0.4 – A Small Tool Which Lets You Easily Get Exchange Rates And Stock Qu

By | 10.09.2019

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VFP2C32 2. This release includes several bugfixes, new functions and finally a CHM help file for the complete library. EnhSim 2. This can be downloaded from http:
Download YahooFinance API 0.0.4 - A small tool which lets you easily get exchange rates and stock qu

Software Packages in “jessie”, Subsection perl

Changelog Fix: Infinite loop for bad API responses Improve: Update disclaimer and readme Fix: Infinite fetch loop Improve: Tier pause between symbol fetches Improve: Allow dash in stock symbol Improve: Remove duplicate symbols on settings update Simplify: Better sanitization for AllSymbols Fix: Undefined index: Safer fix for Checkbox options 3. Thanks to cmyee for reporting bug. Cache Timeout can not be saved and always reset to zero on settings update.

JavaScript error Uncaught ReferenceError: Button to Stop Fetch of forced fetching stock data on settings page Improve: Description for Fetch Stock Data on settings page Improve: Users of 0. Admin notification for AlphaVantage. Routine to stripe unsupported stock exchanges from all symbols when doing fetch from AlphaVantage.

Routine to strip symbols from unsupported stock markets from All Stock Symbols and Stock Symbols and display message about removed symbols on settings update Improve: API Key input type set to password 3. Notice about not supported multisite Add: Activation routine to check and deactivate plugin on multisite as not supported at the moment 3.

Plugin table has not created for fresh installations Fix: Stuck fetching data from AlphaVantage. Force fetching data from settings page Add: Fill stockticker. Log and AJAX messages wording 3. Add to plugin table ID as primary key column Change: Plugin version in updater script 0.

Remove console. Domain name for AV website Update: Disclaimer Clean: Remove not needed and commented out code Add: Plugin log file 0. Number format and Decimal places setting are not saved 0. Fatal error: AlphaVantage update quotes action after 2s instead 5s after documentready Change: Remove Google and use AlphaVantage. Undefined offset: Update webTicker jQuery plugin to v2.

Selective refresh for widgets Add: Speed parameter to widget Enhance: Optimize main CSS and fix cut-off ticker content because of widget list item top padding set in some themes 0. Class name to CamelCase Change: Ticker Speed option to tune scrolling speed pixels per second. Default values for integer parameters during sanitization. Fetch timeout setting not sanitized on update. Options to enable and set timeout for auto refresh Add: Log when new feed is fetched if WordPress debug is enabled.

Description for some options on global settings page. Rename class newsticker to stockticker, tickercontainer to stock-ticker-container and JS object webTicker to stockTicker to prevent clash with other newsticker libraries Fix: Shortcode ticker echoed before content Enhance: Cache custom styles based on options provided at plugin settings page Add: Option class for shortcode and widget to set custom CSS class and customize block Optimize: FAQ section 0.

Settings values sanitization Add: Link to community Support forum and Donate to plugin links in row on Plugins page Change: Value template on Settings page changed to textarea Change: Ticker ID length reduced fro 8 to 4 characters Change: Option to set custom template for visible change value global plugin settings 0. Make available to work with our Stock Quote plugin 0.

Provide alternative for inline quotes with new plugin Stock Quote 0. Option to display static stock ticker as unordered list instead scrolling ticker. Same widget output because cached widget. Prevent No data ticker by converting wrong encoded characters in Google feed to single-byte ISO 0. Add stock exchange code to symbol link to prevent mixing stocks like CVE: CXB Fix: Add special character replacement to support symbols with amps like NSE: Cache safe widget in Customizer — preview immediately after inserting widget to widget area 0.

Previous update does not output in Enfold theme Fix: Prevent jumping by displaying unordered list before output become scrolling ticker Change: Add change value and change percent for currency exchange rates Change: Option to set custom style for ticker item font family, weight, size 0. Deprecated Yahoo! Finance as source violating the Terms of Service of Yahoo with regards to the used data , replaced with Google Finance Change: No more Volume info in quote tooltip as Google Finance does not provide that data Change:

A small tool which lets you easily get exchange rates and stock quotes from Yahoo!Finance

Image Finding Tool – perl modules; inotify-hookable (): blocking command -line .. check callbacks; libb-hooks-op-ppaddr-perl (+b1): C API to hook into Perl libexception-class-perl (): module that allows you to declare real . Perl module for retrieving stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance; libfind-lib- perl. New package: CardManagerfc23 Java application to allows you to play any, New package: bfastafc22 Blat-like Fast Accurate Search Tool New .. package: coin-or-Bcpfc23 Branch-Cut-Price Framework for getting a hash of a file New package: nodejs-hashishfc It also allows you to read and encode while not on the internet, and later query a CDDB with the ABI Tracker tool to visualize API/ABI changes timeline of a C/ C++ library. . Check common localisation mistakes acheck, any text file checker, is a tool Amoeba won first price in the demo competition at Underscore

Stock Ticker

Figure 1. Questions like the following: How can I automate some of my trading ideas? What programming language should I use and why? What are the mathematical, financial, and programming tools needed to evaluate my strategy?


Changelog Fix: Infinite loop for bad API responses Improve:

VIDEO REVIEW: Debian — Software Packages in “jessie”, Subsection perl

It has a small chance of. Ethereum Bitcoin Difference Quickly find the best bitcoin wallet . The Ethereum BlockChain Explorer, API and Analytics Platform View At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, The site allows you to Ethereum exchange rates and currency conversion. apmod_limitipconn_2 — Allows you to limit the number of simultaneous connexions server with event MPM. apache-forrest_3 — A tool for rapid development of small sites .. bcusdk-eibd — The EIBnet/IP server of the BCU SDK chk4mail — A utility to quickly check multiple folders for new email. glassfish-hk2-api, mga4, HK2 API module perl-Devel-Eval, , Allows you to debug string evals perl-Finance-TW-EmergingQuote, , Check stock quotes from Taiwan , Get a chart from Yahoo! Finance Historic Foreign Exchange Rates from Open Exchange Rates.

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