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Figures Abstract Recent work has identified the physical features of smiles that accomplish three tasks fundamental to human social living: The current work extends the social functional account to laughter. Inclusion of a fourth rating dimension, spontaneity, allowed us to situate the current approach in the context of existing laughter research, which emphasizes the distinction between spontaneous and volitional laughter. Spontaneous laughter appears to serve the reward function in the current framework, as similar acoustic properties guided perceiver judgments of spontaneity and reward: Affiliation ratings diverged from reward in their sex-dependent relationship to intensity and, for females, reduced pitch range and raised second formant.
Download Praat 6.0.05 - Doing phonetics by PC

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Under AM theory, intonation contours are The Autosegmental-metrical model of prosody [1,2] holds that modeled as combinations of low and high level tone features, pitch melodies can be modeled with level low and high tones; and the shape of the pitch contour is not specified in the information about the shape of the pitch contour is not part of phonological representation of pitch accent.

For example, the the phonological representation. The distinction between a peaked shaped timing. We establish that, as predicted by recent research, pitch shape affects perception. Then we test these same distinctions in a memory task. Our findings show that pitch plateaus are better discriminated than peaks, and that this advantage grows larger when memory load is higher.

We argue that this shows contour shape matters, not just psychoacoustically in immediate perception, but also in memory, and that shape may therefore be posited to be included in the phonological representation of pitch accent.

Index Terms: Figure 1: The plateau contour dashed line and the peaked 1. Introduction contour solid line were both resynthesized from the In English, intonation is linguistically meaningful, conveying same utterance. Like any other may in fact be important for comprehension of intonation.

First, linguistic feature, intonational features marking pitch accent or it is known that contour shape affects the perception of pitch phrasal boundary are variable from speaker to speaker and height and timing, in that plateau shapes are heard as higher instance to instance.

Furthermore, while shape itself may not be research becomes: How do listeners perceive prosodic features contrastive, alignment and timing are contrastive in some given the extent of variability in the signal, and what aspects of languages, and so the difference in shape that leads to a phonetic detail, if any, are listeners sensitive to?

In a categorically and meaningfully distinct. Exemplar theories of memory task, listeners were able to remember not just the speech perception and memory present an opposing view, in phonological category of a speech sample but also specific which listeners create a phonetically detailed representation of details of pitch and duration that are not known to be each heard instance, and where categorical pitch accent and meaningful. We argue that these findings rule out the strictest boundary features emerge from the statistical distribution of interpretation of abstractionist theories, because if listeners map acoustic parameters over the stored instances [].

We use memory. Here we focus on one type of prosodic variability: Firstly, the use of memory builds on research in the sentence contour shapes peaks vs. If both contour shapes are remembered equally easily, we linguistic information is privileged above memory for the expect memory performance for the two contours to be similar specific form of the information. For example, when subjects across the two tasks. Stimuli sentences that have the same meaning as the sentences they Stimuli were words excised from natural utterances, created by heard, but with different word order [] or synonyms [16].

For each natural utterance, four for meaning rather than form, we expect that meaningful prosodic information will be remembered better, while details resynthesized versions were created: Contour shapes of prosodic form will be remembered less well.

We test were created by stylizing the pitch contour to 10 Hz that is, whether contour shape is perceived and represented in the smoothing the contour to a step size of 10 Hz using Praat [23] grammar by testing whether after initial exposure, listeners can and manually adjusting the contour into either a peak shape or successfully reject test utterances that differ in contour shape from those that they heard before.

Next, these peaks and plateaus Secondly, we use a memory technique because it connects were shifted up 25 Hz or down 25 Hz, as in [12]. Only our specific research question with a broader question in speech resynthesized stimuli that had been shifted up or down were perception: Abstractionist views, including research cited above about memory for 2.

Participants sentences as well as experiments showing the categorical perception of phonemes e. All participants were meaningful categories, remain. However, subsequent studies located in the United States and were self-reported native reveal that listeners are sensitive to within-category acoustic English speakers with no self-reported hearing problems.

A further finding is that phonetic detail 2. Procedure is linearly encoded prior to categorization of the speech input, All experiments were conducted online using Amazon and maintained through late stages of perceptual processing Mechanical Turk. In experiments 1 and 2, participants heard [22] These findings are consistent with exemplar models, in two versions of the same word with one second of intervening which listeners represent phonetically detailed speech input as silence.

Further support for exemplar recordings. Listeners heard four different words produced by the same Against the background of this prior research, we ask speaker exposure , then a tone, and then another presentation whether contour shape is encoded in the phonological of a word from the exposure phase test.

They were asked to representation of pitch accent in American English. Under abstractionist theories, both as the exposure version. Under exemplar height experiment 3 or plateau height experiment4. Method 25 Hz half of the magnitude of the discriminations above and This experiment uses the memory paradigm of [12] where varied from Hz were used.

Participants heard a tone, memory for pitch accent is tested through AX discrimination then a second of silence, and then a second tone that was either tasks. Participants were scored for discrimination accuracy, when presented in immediate succession, or with an intervening and the score on the post test was used as an inclusion criterion delay.

Those who scored 2 perceive and remember differences in pitch accent contour standard deviations below the mean, or lower, were not shape.

The experiment is a two by two design: Since the post test is less difficult than the experiment itself it was included as a way to ensure that subjects were listening carefully and not guessing, even if their scores were near chance in experiments 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Subjects who did well at the post test but were near chance at the other experimental task were included in our results. Results Each response was coded as correct either a hit or a correct rejection or incorrect either a miss or a false alarm.

Accuracy was analyzed in a mixed effects logistic regression using the lme4 software package in R [24] Fixed effects included task Delay vs. AX , and contour plateau vs. The random effects structure was determined by backwards model selection starting with the Figure 3: Post test score vs. Discussion random intercepts for subject and item, and random slopes for subject.

The purpose of this study was to test whether contour shape is Our three main findings were that accuracy was included in the phonological representation of pitch accent. We significantly lower in the delay task Estimate: If these contours contours Estimate: Overall, results of our model indicate that in a perceptual task and a memory task. Instead, our study had listeners are better at discriminating pitch differences in two main findings: Our results suggest that listeners are sensitive to account differences in subjects and items.

Furthermore, this subcategorical differences in contour shapes, and this plateau advantage is shown even more strongly in the delay sensitivity translates to a difference in memory. We attribute the observed advantage for plateau contours to two factors.

Firstly, the main effect of contour shape is no doubt driven by the psychoacoustic salience of these contours— plateau contours involve a longer time at a pitch maximum, giving listeners a larger target to hear. Given this, we would expect the observed across-the-board advantage for plateaus. However, if our results were solely due to a perceptual advantage of plateaus over peaks, we would expect to find the same effect, with the same magnitude, in the harder delayed AX task.

Instead, our second main finding is that the observed advantage in the AX task was larger in the delayed AX task, indicating that the plateau advantage is greater in memory. The second factor which may drive the plateau advantage is the relative frequency of plateau shapes in speech, when compared to peak shapes. Plateaus are more common in everyday speech, [3] and indeed the vocal tract is not capable of changing frequency quickly enough to make very sharp peaks. Figure 2: Ultimately, this plateau advantage is consistent with three Peak contours are in orange, while plateau are in blue.

Firstly, because plateau contours are more common, our results are consistent with an exemplar Results of the post test showed that even those participants model, in which each instance of prosody is remembered faintly who were close to chance in experiments 1,2,3, or 4 were and builds up a cloud of episodic memory traces [5].

If plateaus attending to files and listening carefully. A linear regression are more common, then plateau contours will conform more showed that across all experiments score on the post test was a closely to the exemplar-based representation built up over time. Glasgow, UK, Lastly, under an abstractionist theory wherein pitch contours [13] J. We argue [15] M. Potter and L. We echo Barnes and others in Memory and Cognition, vol. Abramson and L.

Cross-language tests. Academia Prague, Conclusion [18] Liberman, A. The discrimination of speech sounds within memory. Based on these results, we argue against strictly and across phoneme boundaries. Journal of Experimental abstractionist views of memory for speech, and argue that Psychology, 54, — Categorical perception: Issues, representation of pitch accent. Lass Ed. Advances in basic research and practice pp. New York, NY: Academic Press. References [20] McMurray, B.

Pierrehumbert, The Phonetics and Phonology of English Gradient effects of within-category phonetic variation on Intonation.

Dissertation, MIT. Cognition, 86, B33—B Ladd, Intonational Phonology. Gradient sensitivity to within- [3] J. Barnes, A. Brugos, S.

Doing phonetics by PC

Fortunately, distribution rights do not apply for internal use. For best results with phonetic characters in the TextGrid and Picture windows, To install Praat, run the following command from the command line or from .. Version, Downloads, Last updated, Status Praat , , Sunday, November 8, , approved. A tool for ‘Doing Phonetics by computer’ Package Details: praat Git Clone URL: (read-only) moved to github, and rather than create a -git package, the PKGBUILD downloads a pre-built binary. social meanings of variables circulate ideologically: speakers do not adopt .. Praat: Doing phonetics by computer [Computer program, Version ].

Under AM theory, intonation contours are The Autosegmental-metrical model of prosody [1,2] holds that modeled as combinations of low and high level tone features, pitch melodies can be modeled with level low and high tones; and the shape of the pitch contour is not specified in the information about the shape of the pitch contour is not part of phonological representation of pitch accent. For example, the the phonological representation. The distinction between a peaked shaped timing. We establish that, as predicted by recent research, pitch shape affects perception. Then we test these same distinctions in a memory task.

Doing phonetics by PC

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Praat (Boersma & Weenink ). The remainder of the article is organized as follows. First, I discuss the phonetic correlates of WP in. Cairene based on. Praat: Doing phonetics by computer [computer program]. Flege, J. E., & Davidian, R. (). Transfer and developmental. Praat: Doing phonetics by computer. [Com- puter program]. Version Bolinger, Dwight Le Merton. Intonation: Levels versus configurations. Word .

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