Download Feedly For Chrome 35 – Effortlessly Organize Your Websites And RSS Feeds With This Tool.

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Download Feedly for Chrome 35 - Effortlessly organize your websites and RSS feeds with this tool.

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Bridge the gap between face-to-face community efforts and online? Then read on to discover tips on how to shape the social media flow. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Tip 1: Instagram and Facebook make it easy to post links to other social media tools, such as Twitter.

That means you can start a Facebook Live session, record audio using Voxer or use the YouTube Capture app on your phone and share the link out via Twitter. Here are some Voxercasts that I shared via Twitter.

If participating in a Twitterchat, try responding to a question with audio or video. Tip 2: Decide on a Content Curation Tool Content curation involves finding great stuff, stowing it somewhere for safe keeping, and then sharing the relevant information with other interested parties.

How the sharing happens is usually through social media. Here are a few tools that I use for content curation. They make sharing with others via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook easy. Get Pocket. This remains my favorite content tool.

Anything I find on my mobile device or on my computer, I promptly save to Pocket. Since it is everywhere and works well with other tools, it makes saving content easy. Getting content out is also straightforward.

More on that later. An oldy but goody, social bookmarking with Diigo is a cinch on computers, not so much on mobile.

Still, the benefit of Diigo is that you can turn every item you save to it into a tagged item. Using the free for Educators account comes with additional benefits. People can subscribe and leave comments. Imagine creating a flipboard ezine for your class on a particular topic or having students collaborate and contribute to a shared ezine.

Flipboard makes it possible, and viewing is a pure pleasure. This is a helpful tool since it makes capturing tweets and sharing content easy, although to access some of its more esoteric features will require payment.

Storify is often used to archive Twitterchats, even though there are more comprehensive tools. Storify makes finding and sharing content for a classroom of learners simple.

Want to create a newsletter that curates itself? It can be hands-off or you can spend time updating it. Like Storify, full feature access costs money. Tip 3: Master Those Twitter Chats Every day, there are thousands of educators like you connecting and learning from each other. You can find a wealth of hashtags, such as tceachat, that boast robust conversations on days or nights. Here are several tools you can use to make navigating and participating in Twitter chats easier: You can follow multiple hashtags simultaneously, as well as see what you are tweeting and what others are tweeting at you.

Great for tweeting during a presentation and wowing your audience. Participate Learning: This is a must-have tool to take advantage of since it provides a concise schedule of hashtags for Twitter chats and when they are taking place. Straightforward interface aside, Twubs is intended to help you get to know who is participating in a Twitter chat. A unique feature includes your ability to get an embed code so you can place the results of a hashtag search on your web page.

Tip 4: Create a landscape flyer with Adobe Spark , Pixlr, Powerpoint, or Google Slides that includes pertinent information, as well as a link to more content.

In addition to creating a way to advertise your Twitter chat to the world, you will also want to solve the archive problem. TAGS — http: Some school districts embarking on social media domination move to post the same piece of information on each social media outlet, but that can be a big waste of time. Use one or both of these tools to automate your social media sharing. If This Then That allows you to create mini-apps, or recipes, that execute when a trigger action occurs.

Microsoft Flow: Create a Virtual Sharing Space At a certain point, you will want to archive all the great things that are being said or happening. One way to do that is to save all chats to a virtual space, such as a OneNote Online notebook see example , Google Plus Community see example , or Facebook group.

Use tools like Remind. This helps keep your community connected to you, enabling easy, non-intrusive sharing. My favorite example is Dr. Social media tools like those discussed in this blog entry make shaping the flow of social media a joy, not a chore.

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Give your content marketing strategy that much needed push by these best 11 such as blogs, social media, industry publications or news sites. A mix of 65/35 is the ideal mix for created vs curated content in Flockler; Trapit; Pocket; Curata ; Triberr;; Feedly; Download Now – For FREE!. Here are some tips on how to adapt to the feedly desktop interface. for Firefox Feedly for Chrome Feedly for Safari Related: How to get the most out of your A lot of Google Reader users use their reader as a research/curation tool and This shows us some tips on using Feedly but can we import our RSS feeds from. Here is a quick guided tour of the feedly experience: Feeding your mind Feedly enriches the content you are reading with useful tools and help you connect it(I reinstalled feedly on both chrome and firefox and it still has the other layout). .. Do I go out and hit RSS feed on my favorite sites, and will they automatically be.

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Bridge the gap between face-to-face community efforts and online? Then read on to discover tips on how to shape the social media flow. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Tip 1: Instagram and Facebook make it easy to post links to other social media tools, such as Twitter.

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This post shares some cool uses of the tool you may fall in love with! 1. Reputation management. Create one combined RSS feed to track your brand name mentions. Feel free to let users download your blog and read it using a smart To use as an example, the website is currently in the. gReader | Feedly | The Old Reader | RSS is used by Jodi Nelson-Tabor SoundLAB GCA 35 mm Foam Microphone Windshield A nice (and nice- looking) desk that holds everything I need to be efficient and organized. . with Ethernet Adapter for USB Type-C Devices Including the new MacBook, ChromeBook Pixe. Get Free Inoreader – News App & RSS APK Free Download Version 6. co. In this post, we take a look at why Inoreader could just be the RSS Reader you’ve . ensuring that each feed is properly organized and that the sites that do offer feeds September 17, – 35 comments As is the case with many tools out there.

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