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You will likely have to complete some combination of these steps. The exact combination depends on the products and features you are implementing, the type of data you are accessing, and how you will use that data. Who Needs App Review?
Apps reviews

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You will likely have to complete some combination of these steps. The exact combination depends on the products and features you are implementing, the type of data you are accessing, and how you will use that data. Who Needs App Review? The easiest way to determine if your app will need review is to refer to the product documentation for each product you are implementing.

Each documentation set should contain a requirements or app review section which lists the app review steps you will have to complete, as well as any special requirements that are not part of app review. When To Submit You can begin the review process at any time, and you can edit your submission before it is reviewed, but we recommend that you begin a submission only after you have thoroughly tested your app in development mode and you are ready for release.

If your app has already gone through App Review and has been approved for specific products, changing product settings or adding new products, permissions, or features, may require you to complete the review process again. Note that if your app is in Live mode and you want to add new permissions, features, or products, follow our App Review for Live Apps guidelines which will help with submission. How To Submit To begin general App Review, sign into your app’s App Dashboard , select the app you want reviewed, and locate the App Review link in the left-hand navigation menu.

Click it and you should see an interface to begin the process. Keep in mind that some products require Product Review , which you can access and submit from each product’s tab in the dashboard. You can submit both general app review and product-specific review at the same time. How Long Does It Take? It typically takes us less than one week to process your submission, and often takes only 2—3 days, but may take longer during peak periods.

Please note that due to recent changes to the review process and the high volume of submissions, it may take several weeks for submitted apps to complete the review process. Additional Verification After you submit your app for review, we may ask you to verify your identity as a business or as an individual.

To do this, we will send an alert to your App Dashboard Inbox. The alert will contain a link that begins the verification process. Sample Submissions To give you a better idea of what the submission process looks from beginning to end, we’ve created a set of sample submissions for commonly used products and APIs.

App Review This is our general review process which many apps must go through before they can be made public. You begin the process in the App Review section of your App Dashboard. You will be prompted to select from a list of Login Permissions and Features, and to describe and possibly show us how you will use that data.

My Permissions and Features Anytime you start a new app review submission, you will see your approved permissions and features. Any newly approved permission and features will appear here. These are the only permissions that do not require app review. All other login permissions and features in the app review submission interface require app review.

Note that some product-specific permissions, which you can request through Product Review , do not appear here. Login Permissions and Features Login permissions allow app Users to grant an app access to specific types of data, so you should only select permissions that correspond to the type of data that your app will need.

All login permissions displayed in the interface require review, and you must provide details and screencasts explaining how you will use the data that they provide access to. All features require review. Features correspond to specific functionality, products, or APIs. When you select a feature, it will list any login permission that you may need to include in your submission.

We also recommend that you read each product’s documentation set for detailed App Review instructions. Details Before you can submit for approval, you will be asked to describe how you will use the data provided by each permission or feature. If you set up Test Users to test these permissions or features, it’s a good idea to include their login credentials with your submission.

Give a thorough explanation of how your app uses each permission. Try using these questions as a starting point: How will granting this permission help the people using your bot? Why do you need this permission? How will your bot use the data it receives from Facebook?

How does your bot use the permission? Why would your bot be less useful if it did not have this permission? Be very specific. Screencast Some permissions and features require a screencast that demonstrates how your app will use the data or for apps that have no UI, how the data will ultimately be used.

We recommend that you use dedicated screencast software in order to capture your screencast. Avoid using a mobile device’s camera to record the screen of another device that shows your app flow. The easiest way to show data usage is to set your app to development mode and pull data from your own User account, or from any Users who have an Admin or Developer role on your app.

If your app has no user interface and interacts directly with our APIs, refer to our Server-to-Server Apps document for guidelines when providing details. Onboarding Terms When you submit your app for review, you will be asked to agree to our onboarding terms, which define basic acceptable usage.

Product Review Some products, such as Messenger and Instagram , require specialized review steps. When you add any of these products, their product tab will appear in your app’s dashboard and include an app review section that lists any specialized permissions and instructions. Product review is independent of general app review, so in order to submit for product review, you must begin your submission within from within the respective product’s tab.

Business Verification Business verification is a process that allows us to verify your identity as a business entity, which we require if your app will be accessing sensitive data. If you are a developer for a business and your app has been approved for permissions and features related to the products below, you will receive an alert in your App Dashboard Inbox asking you to verify your business.

Your app will be prevented from using any approved permissions and features related to the products below while in Live mode until you complete the business verification process.

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